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Baikal Tourist Information

Baikal Lake is a famous tourist region, and my website will guide you through the attractions of the Great Lake and show you how to reach them.

Every year a large number of tourists come to admire this place’s beauty. There is a developed tourist infrastructure on the Lake – walking trails, observation points, boat trips, and many other tourist activities to help our guests.

The Lake is a fascinating place for tourists traveling to see wildlife. In the past thousand years, the Lake has developed its ecosystem – here live plants and animals, which you will not find anywhere else in the world.

I’ve collected some tourist info about the Lake for you.
I hope it will make your trip comfortable and safe!

  • 23.620 m³ — Baikal is the largest freshwater reservoir in the world

  • 53 species of plants can be seen only in the Baikal region

  • 800 species of animals live only in the Baikal area

  • 10 euro a day — travel to Baikal is a comparatively cheap thing

  • 1 500 000 tourists visited Baikal in 2019

Nerpa – freshwater seal, lives only in Baikal.
Symbol of the Lake

Baikal Tourist routes

In addition to many organized events, tourists can always enjoy the local beauty on its own. You can choose any walking route and take a walk through the real Siberian forest.

On the website, you will find a detailed description of the most popular touristic trails.
What do you choose: a leisurely one-day Baikal Lake tour or a long trip with tents for a few days?
Just have a walk and enjoy the surrounding nature or conquer the peaks of the Baikal mountains?
Swim in the clear and insanely cold water of the Lake or make Baikal Lake cruise on the ship, wondering the mountain peaks on the horizon?

Click on the tour title to learn more!

Epishura – feeds on organic waste. Keeps Baikal clean, filtering the water

Baikal Tourist Attractions

Some of the cities around the Lake are very popular among tourists. Each of them has its unique peculiarity.

The nearest big city is Irkutsk, where foreign guests will find all kinds of services: hotels, hostels, walking routes around the city, and much more. In addition to Irkutsk, I  recommend visiting other cities around the Lake.

For example, In Baikalsk city guests can go skiing or visit the local attraction – the lake in the heart’s shape! It is a favorite meeting place for all lovers!

Be sure to make a travel to Khuzhir on Olkhon Island, and you will understand why the locals call it “the heart of Baikal.”

In 20 km away from the Lake is the special touristic place, village Tal’tsy with its old houses built in the 18th and 19th centuries! It is a real open-air museum!

Moreover, suppose you like something mysterious and inexplicable. In that case, visit the village of Ust-Orda and get acquainted with Shamanism’s culture. This local people’s religion intertwines hundreds of generations’ wisdom and the mysterious tradition of honoring ancestors and nature’s spirits.

So, if you’re going to see something that you have not seen before – welcome to Baikal cities!

Omul – famous delicacy of Baikal. You can taste this fish in Listvyanka Fish Market and Irkutsk restaurants

Baikal Map

This map of Baikal is not so informative as an Irkutsk one. However, it can be useful as a small note that you can use offline.


Omul – famous delicacy of Baikal. You can taste this fish in Listvyanka Fish Market and Irkutsk restaurants

Baikal Weather

In winter

In winter, Lake Baikal’s shores’ temperature is much warmer than in Irkutsk and other remote places from the Lake. Usually, the thermometer shows 20-30 degrees below zero in this period. It’s not very cold, but the Baikal wind will make you regret that you did not bring a scarf! Dress warmly!

In summer

Summer on Lake Baikal will delight you with warm Sunny days! The temperature on the Lake is always a little lower than in Irkutsk. As a rule, the air warms up to 20-30 degrees Celsius, and the sun will quickly warm you after bathing in the icy Baikal water. However, do not forget that you are in Siberia. Just in case, bring a jacket for protection from the wind.