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Public transport in Irkutsk

If you have visited other Russian cities you have noted, that public transport is very popular. And we will tell you why – it’s extremely cheap and useful! For just 20 roubles you can go wherever you want, without any limits on distance or time. When you go somewhere by bus and you know your bus stop will be soon, you should stay closer to the front door – by this you will show to the driver you want to go out at the next bus stop. There are three doors in buses – the front door, the middle door and the back door. Usually, passengers get on the bus through the middle or the back door and leave it using the front door. If you go out through the middle or the back door, other passengers and driver could think you want to escape without paying…


Public transport work hours

You can use buses from 6:00 to
23:00 o’clock, but be careful –
in the periods from 6:00 to 7:00
and from 22:00 to 23:00
it’s very difficult to take a bus,


Irkutsk bus stops for tourists

Sometimes it is difficult to define the Bus Stop that you need. The two most important bus stops for international tourists in Irkutsk are nearby Railway Station and Airport. Here we try to show you how to find them quickly. We hope, our description will be useful for you (click to zoom in).

Irkutsk Railway Station bus stop

Irkutsk Airport bus stop

Irkutsk bus schedule

We marked bus stops and bus routes in the city center, because all hostels and hotels are in this area. The most popular bus routes in Irkutsk are:

To railway station: #16, #20, #480

From railway station: #80, #20, #16

To airport: #20, #80

From airport: #20, #480

Here you can learn about the routes going to and from the airport and railway station. Bus stops are noted by the blue dots, red arrows show the bus route direction. Click on the image to zoom in. Download Irkutsk Map with bus stops and other useful information about the city you can here.

Route # 16 

To the railway station

Route # 16 

From the railway station

Route # 20

To the airport

Route # 20

From the airport

Route # 80

To the airport

Route # 480

To the railway station