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Irkutsk tourism information

A journey to Lake Baikal begins from Irkutsk. On the website, you will find all the necessary information for tourists about this city. Irkutsk occupies both banks of the Angara River, 60 kilometers from the Baikal. Therefore, it is easy to reach the Lake from the town. Minibusses take off to the Baikal every 15 minutes.
The main touristic area in Irkutsk is the city center. International tourists can see there the old buildings of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries! Usually, it is enough to spend 1-2 days touring the town center. Besides it, visitors can relax in city parks, or try the delicious food of Russian and Buryat cuisines in cafes and restaurants. Every guest of the city must taste the local delicacy – buuzy, which you can order in Buryat cuisine restaurants.

A mythic animal Babr - symbol of Irkutsk

Irkutsk attractions

A short description of city touristic areas:

Karl Marx Street is the main street of the city. It is safe to say that this is the longest street in the town. However, to go through it from start to finish, you will need about 40 minutes.

Besides cafes and restaurants of Buryat and Russian cuisine during the walk, you can admire the 18-19 centuries old-style buildings. On Karl Marx Street, there are many right places for tourists: tourist equipment shops, hostels, hotels, and a part of Green Line Route is on Karl Marx Street also. Also, on the street, tourists can see the following attractions: Art Theatre, Local History Museum, Irkutsk Drama Theatre, Monument to Emperor Alexander III, as well as the monument to you! Yes, to you personally! Monument to a Tourist!

Karl Marx Street is in the heart of the city. That is why it is very convenient to visit from the street the other exciting places – the 130 Kvartal, the island “Youth” or the Central Market.

The district is an excellent place for tourists. We especially recommend this place to foreign visitors to the city. They can see here some of the most popular Irkutsk attractions like Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church and Babr monument.

Irkutsk’s guests will see here not only city sights but also the restored buildings of Irkutsk of 18-19 centuries. There are many pubs, restaurants of Buryat and Russian cuisine, cafes, and souvenir shops.

And here you have enjoyed the architecture of the city and inspired by its individuality and Siberian spirit. It’s time to become a real Siberian! It does not mean that you should immediately drink a bottle of vodka and go to fight with the bear.

No, I just offer you to feel like an ordinary resident of Irkutsk. The workweek finished, and all you need now is green grass, big trees, and fresh air. Irkutsk citizens choose a small island Youth as an excellent place to rest after a workday. Join them!

On the island, you can rent a bicycle or roller skates and use Ferris Wheel or catamaran. Oh, don’t forget bread to feed ducks!

City guests can look at Eternal Flame – Monument to the soldiers who fought in World War II. Tourists can visit the Cathedral of Epiphany, Spassky Church and enjoying organ music in the Roman Catholic Church.

Lenin Street is famous for the beautiful architecture of 18th-century buildings. It is one of the oldest streets in Irkutsk. An essential part of Lenin Street is Kirov’s Square. It is a great place to have a rest after a walk. Sometimes on weekends, citizens and city guests can see exhibitions or performances there.

Moreover, there you will find the Tourist Information Center – a special place for international guests. There you can buy maps, souvenirs, ask questions and take advice from English-speaking staff. Kirov’s Square is located very close to Lower Embankment, so you can continue your walk to see more Irkutsk attractions. As you can see on the map, Lenin Street is not large. It will take 20 minutes to go from 130 District to the Lower Embankment by foot.

Gagarin Avenue takes its name after the famous Soviet cosmonaut, the first man in space – Yuri Gagarin. It stretched along the bank of the Angara River. You can take a leisurely walk from the bridge leading from the train station to the island Youth through the avenue. There are several hotels and hostels on Gagarin Avenue and a large store of tourist equipment.

Along with that, this place is interesting for tourists because of dock “Gagarin Avenue.” Passengers take ferries both for ferry trips around the Angara River and a ferry route to Lake Baikal. While waiting for the ferry, you can sit in the shade of trees or nearby cafes. When the time comes to the board, the ferry will emit a loud beep.
There are not many monuments or attractions on Gagarin Avenue. It’s just a nice place to walk on a warm summer evening.

A walk on a river tram or boat on the Angara River is an excellent option for a family holiday!

Central Market is a vital part of Irkutsk. You can visit this place and learn more about the city residents and about how do they live. Honestly, international tourists will not find something interesting there, except fresh and cheap food.
However, Central Market is an important part not only of Irkutsk but your travel also! It is because the market is the starting point of many routes on Baikal.

There are two significant bus stops, helping city guests reach the most popular touristic directions. You can get from here Listvyanka, Slyudyanka, Baikalsk city, Ust-Orda, Taltsy, etc. It is comfortable and straightforward to go to these places from the market.
Moreover, the city residents and visitors prefer to go to Baikal from the bus stop in the Central Market than from the Bus Station or Train station. We have noted bus stops locations on the “Irkutsk Map.”

For example, suppose you want to go to Listvyanka. In that case, you need to go to the market, find a big parking lot (it is elementary), and sit in a minibus with the inscription “Listvyanka.” Have a good travel!

Touristic Pointers – always
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Irkutsk Map

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Something IRkutsker

Irkutsk Weather

In winter

Siberia considers being one of the coldest regions in the world. However, unlike other Northern regions of Russia, winter temperatures rarely drop below -50 degrees. In the coldest winter months, the thermometer can show -40 degrees for one or two weeks. In general, the average temperature in winter in Irkutsk is about -25 degrees Celsius.

In summer

In the summer months, the city is in the heat! Since May, it is getting warmer, and in the middle of summer, the temperature can reach more than 30 degrees! At this time, it is nice to walk through the shady streets of the city or eat ice cream in a cafe. Sometimes the rains give citizens a break, but the heat will until September.