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130 Kvartal

Kvartal is a great place for tourists. We especially recommend this place to foreign visitors of the city. They can see here some of the most popular Irkutsk attractions like Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church and Babr monument. Guests of Irkutsk will see here not only city sights, but the restored buildings of Irkutsk of 18-19 centuries.  There is a large number of pubs, restaurants of Buryat and Russian cuisine, cafes and souvenir shops also. As shown above, if you want to eat, buy Souvenirs and see the unique old buildings – welcome to the 130 Kvartal!

Irkutsk Attractions

Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church

Irkutsk Attractions

The nice place for tourists!

Irkutsk Attractions

In the Kvartal

Irkutsk Attractions

Kvartal at evening time

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