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Project Description

Island “Babr”

Catch your Fish in Siberian Trout Farm

Navigation period: 5 of May to 15 of September, everyday.
Departure point: “Gagarin Avenue” dock, Ferry “Moscva-67” (Moscow).
Route to Island “Babr” is the main route on the Angara river. To get more information visit the page “Angara Ferry Route”

Prices: 500 roubles for adults, 250 roubles for kids (from 5 to 10 years).

Route Details

Morning Route:
11:15 – Departure to Island “Babr”
11:45 – Arrival to Island “Babr”
12:25 – Departure to “Gagarin Avenue” dock
12:55 – Arrival to “Gagarin Avenue” dock

Day Route:
14:00 – Departure to Island “Babr”
14:30 – Arrival to Island “Babr”
15:10 – Departure to “Gagarin Avenue” dock
15:40 – Arrival to “Gagarin Avenue” dock

Evening Route:
17:00 – Departure to Island “Babr”
17:30 – Arrival to Island “Babr”
18:10 – Departure to “Gagarin Avenue” dock
18:40 – Arrival to “Gagarin Avenue” dock

Baikal Ferry Routes

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