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A way to see Heart Lake

A perfect place to see South Baikal

Cherskiy Peak

Travel to the Heart

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  • A way to see Heart Lake

  • A perfect place to see South Baikal

Cherskiy Peak

Travel to the Heart

Сherskiy Peak is the top point of the Komarinskiy ridge. Its height is 2090 meters. The peak was named after the famous Explorer of Siberia – Ivan Cherskiy
Every year thousands of tourists visit the peak. The climbing route is safe and does not require special climbing equipment (but we recommend you to put on good shoes). The trail from Slyudyanka to the peak of Chersky has great landscape diversity. Here you will see rocky cliffs and lakes with waterfalls and make numerous crossings through the noisy mountain streams. The route’s length is about 20 km. 6-8 hours is enough to reach the peak. Professional skyrunners do it in 2 hours and 20 minutes!

Baikal Attractions

Heart Lake

  • Mountain height – 2090 meters
  • Located near Slyudyanka
  • Cherskiy Peak is a popular touristic route in summertime

We recommend you to divide your trip into two days to have enough time to enjoy the local views. The first part of the route is the trail from Slyudyanka to the meteorological station. Usually, tourists go from this point to the other sights like Heart lake, waterfalls on the river Podkomarnaya, Devil’s Gate or Chekanowskiy Peak. We recommend that you go to the Cherskiy Peak and then go on to discover the local area. Be sure to visit the Heart Lake – a lake in the shape of a heart!

Note: Cherskiy Peak (Peak of Cherskiy), Cherskiy Mountain (Mountain of Cherskiy), Cherskiy Stone (Stone of Cherskiy) – are different geographical points! They are not the same!

Baikal Attractions

A View on the Peak

Baikal Attractions

Devil’s Gate (Lake)

How to get to the Cherskiy Peak

Here are different ways how to get to the Peak of Cherskiy.

The road to Slyudyanka takes about 2 hours.

A taxi service costs 2000 roubles one way.

To go by minibus, tourists can always buy a ticket at the Bus Station. Ticket price – about 250 roubles.

Travel by train takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Ticket price is 500-1000 roubles in one way.

Cherskiy Peak map

Cherskiy peak map


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