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Angara Ferry Route

A walk on a river tram or boat on the Angara river is a great option for a family holiday!
Route: from “Gagarin Avenue” dock to Akademicheskiy Bridge and back to “Gagarin Avenue” dock.
Departure point: “Gagarin Avenue” dock.
Ferries: “Sokol” (Falcon), “Lebed’” (Swan), “Moscva-67” (Moscow)
250 roubles for adults,
100 roubles for kids (from 5 to 10 years)
Duration: 30 minutes.

Baikal Ferry Routes

Ferry routes in Irkutsk

A view from Angara river

Ferry routes in Irkutsk

Cathedral of Epiphany from the River

Ferry routes in Irkutsk

Moscow Gates from the river

Ferry routes in Irkutsk

Fishing is very popular

Ferry Route to Island “Babr”

Babr Island is located near the city center on the Angara River. Tourists can find there not only beautiful nature, but also a small zoo and a real trout farm! On the one hand, you can go to the island with a tourist group (by ferry “Moscow”), on the other hand, make a private reservation (by motor boat). Upon reservation, you can visit the island, rent a special place for rest, as well as visit a zoo and go fishing! As a rule, the boat can transfer visitors to the island from almost any part of the city. However, it is always better to agree on such a service in advance. By default, a motor boat transports visitors to the island from the Upper Embankment (located near the city center).

Navigation period: 5 of May to 15 of September, everyday.
Departure point: “Gagarin Avenue” dock, Ferry “Moscva-67” (Moscow); Upper Embankment, motor boat.
500 roubles for adults,
250 roubles for kids (from 5 to 10 years).

Baikal Ferry Routes

Route details:

Morning Route:
11:15 – Departure to Island “Babr”.
11:45 – Arrival to Island “Babr”.
12:25 – Departure to “Gagarin Avenue” dock.
12:55 – Arrival to “Gagarin Avenue” dock.

Day Route:
14:00 – Departure to Island “Babr”.
14:30 – Arrival to Island “Babr”.
15:10 – Departure to “Gagarin Avenue” dock.
15:40 – Arrival to “Gagarin Avenue” dock.

Evening Route:
17:00 – Departure to Island “Babr”.
17:30 – Arrival to Island “Babr”.
18:10 – Departure to “Gagarin Avenue” dock.
18:40 – Arrival to “Gagarin Avenue” dock.

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