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The Great Baikal Trail

The Most Popular. The Most Wild

One of the most popular routes on Baikal. The route includes six points:
Listvyanka – Bol’shie Koty – Pad’ Kadil’naya – Bol’shoe Goloustnoe – Peshanaya Bay – Bugul’deyka
Great Baikal Trail is not a big routeBut a trip to to the end point Bugul’deyka can take a few days. There are popular ways to travel among tourists – to reach some point by foot, Bol’shoe Goloustnoe for example and come back to Irkutsk by route taxi. From some points you can come back only by a ferry. Be careful: in touristic season it is always better to buy tickets for route buses or ferries in advance.

The Great Baikal Trail is one of the best routes for tourists traveling to enjoy views of nature. To the left side of the trail you will see mountains of the Primorskiy Ridge and Baikal Lake from the right. Beautiful views, fresh air, hungry wolves and unforgettable memories – it is the Great Baikal Trail!

Baikal Attractions

The Trail goes along the Lake

Baikal Attractions

On the Top of a Hill

Baikal Attractions

A Place for Rest

Great Baikal Trail


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