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Project Description

Island “Youth”

And here you have enjoyed the architecture of the city and inspired by its individuality and Siberian spirit. It’s time to become a real Siberian! This does not mean that you should immediately drink a bottle of vodka and go to fight with the bear. No, we offer you to feel like an ordinary resident of Irkutsk. The work week is finished and all you need now is a green grass, big trees and fresh air. Irkutsk citizens choose a small island “Youth” as a good place to have a rest after workday. Join them!

In addition, on the island you can rent a bicycle or roller skates, use Ferris Wheel or catamaran. Oh, don’t forget a bread to feed ducks!

The island "Youth" in Irkutsk

Near the island

The island "Youth" in Irkutsk

A bridge to the island

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