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Karl Marx Street

Karl Marx Street is the main street of the city. It is safe to say that this is the longest street in the city. However, to go through it from start to finish, you will need about 40 minutes. During the walking, in addition to cafes and restaurants of Buryat and Russian cuisine, you can admire the old-style buildings of the 18-19 centuries. On the Karl Marx Street, there are many useful places for tourists: tourist equipment shops, hostels, hotels and a part of Green Line Route is on the Karl Marx Street also. In addition, on the street tourists can see the following attractions: Art Theatre, Local History Museum, Irkutsk Drama Theatre, Monument to Emperor Alexander III, as well as the monument to you! Yes, to you personally! Monument to a Tourist!

Irkutsk Attractions

Monument to a Tourist

Karl Marx Street is located in the heart of the city. That is why it is very convenient to visit from the Street the other interesting places – the 130 Kvartal, the island “Youth” or the Central Market.

Irkutsk Attractions

Irkutsk Drama Theatre

Irkutsk Sights

Local History Museum

Irkutsk Attractions

Monument to Alexander III

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