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the Starting Point to Discover Olkhon Island

Khuzhir village is a capital of “Pearl of Baikal”, Olkhon Island. The village is very small, but exploring the whole Island Olkhon will take about two days. Read about how to spend your time discovering Olkhon Island and its attractions you can here. In this topic, we will tell you about Khuzhir tourist attractions.

Khuzhir Attractions

In past Khuzhir was a small fishing village. But over time, the number of international tourists increased and Khuzhir became a starting point to explore the Island.


Khuzhir Roads

However, tourists can see not only the Baikal wild nature – there are some interesting places for them in the village.


Local history Museum named after M. Revyakin

Nikolay Revyakin was a teacher of the local school in Khuzhir. In the early 1950s, he organized special classes of local history. After few years, on the base of these classes was created the Museum of Local History.

Currently, the Museum has a collection of more than 5,000 items covering the history of the island up to the present day. There are various things of Buryats life, a collection of rocks and minerals, objects of religious worship, interesting items of shamanism and shamanic customs.

13 Columns of Serge

Serge had extremely important part in life of Buryats in past. The word “Serge” means hitching post (special column for tying a horse). Usually, Buryats put Serge near entrance in a town, house or a sacred place, where live spirits. For any stranger these columns were like a sign that this land, house, or a territory has a master. The columns have three cuts: according to one version, the lower cut was for guests of the place where Serge was situated. Second or middle cut was for master of the Serge. And upper cut was for Gods and Spirits.

Today tourists can see 13 Serge near Shaman Rock. Visiting this sacred place of power, do not forget to make a wish and tie a colored band on the column. Different colors of the bands symbolize certain wishes: white means thanksgiving to local spirits and hope for their help; green – asking Trees and Grass for health; by red band you ask the Sun for wealth and prosperity.


13 Columns of Serge

Shaman Rock

Shaman Rock situating near Khuzhir village is the most famous attraction on Baikal. The Rock with two peaks admires by its beauty and power. Buryat people believe that the cave inside the Rock is a home of the Son of God Khan-Khute Baabay. He was the oldest of the thirteen sons whom God sent to make judgment upon men. Descended to the earth, Khan-Khute chose the rock as his home. The Son of God became the master of the island Olkhon, as well as the protector of the entire shaman religion of the North. No wonder that in ancient times Shaman Rock was used for shamanistic rituals and sacrifices. Nowadays, local people treat this place with great respect and care.

Shaman Rock also called Burkhan Cape. These two names mean the same place

Shaman Rock

Oshchepkov Art Gallery

There are thousands of published photos of Olkhon Island, but rich with bright colors and sunshine painting of Vladimir Oshchepkov and Arina Yatsyno unrealistically beautiful and original. Since 1992, the artists live permanently on the Olkhon Island, in Khuzhir. They designed and built their own studio with an art salon and gallery, where their own works are exhibited. In their paintings reflected life near the Great Lake Baikal, close to the main sacred place of the Lake – Shaman rock. All these paintings are in the Oshchepkov Art Gallery on the Island. In addition, visitors of the gallery can buy a picture as a souvenir.

How to reach Khuzhir

The road to Olkhon and its capital Khuzhir takes about 4 hours and costs 410 rubles. Be careful going there by your own vehicle – during touristic season there are always very big queues at the ferry crossing. You will have to wait your turn, but route buses and minibuses use the ferry without queuing. Minibuses going to Khuzhir take off from Irkutsk Central Market. You can find this place on our Irkutsk Map.

During the navigation season, it is possible to reach Khuzhir by a ferry. Ferry schedule and all details of the ferry route to Khuzhir you can read here.

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