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Project Description

Listvyanka and Taltsy

Old Siberian Villages

Most tourists begin acquaintance with lake Baikal with a visit to Listvyanka, because it is the nearest town to Irkutsk right on the shore of the lake.
During the tour you will walk along the shore of lake Baikal, go on funicular lift to the observation point “Cherskiy Stone”, which offers a beautiful view of lake Baikal, see the famous Shaman stone and visit the fish market. In addition, you will visit the open-air Museum “Taltsy”. The Museum complex on the Bank of the Angara river is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the material and spiritual culture of the Baikal peoples — here the village of Russian settlers, the Evenk Yurt (Evenk people houses), the Tofalar camp, and the Buryat ulus (village).

Ferry Route

Irkutsk – Taltsy – Listvyanka – Irkutsk
Navigation period: June 22 – September 29, each Tuesday
Departure point: “Raketa” dock, “Voskhod” (Sunrise) ferry
Taltsy – 1700 roubles
Listvyanka – 1700 roubles
Back to Irkutsk – 2800 roubles (go to Listvyanka or Taltsy and back)
Price includes: Ticket, Guide service, Transport service in Listvyanka, Ticket to Taltsy museum, Ticket to funicular

Route details

10:30 – Departure to Taltsy
11:05 – Arrival to Taltsy
13:00 – Departure to Listvyanka
13:25 – Arrival to Listvyanka
16:20 – Departure to Irkutsk
17:20 – Arrival to Irkutsk to “Raketa” dock
There will be excursions on each point

Baikal Ferry Routes


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    Is it possible to take a ferry from Irkutsk/Listvyanka to Tankhoy on July 22-nd? We are 4 people with a car.

  2. Georgi Kyuchukov at - Reply

    Addition to my previous question: you tour is perfect for us, but without return to Irkutsk and adding a car. What will that all cost for 4 persons and a car?

  3. Mishka at - Reply


    We are looking for the info for your answer. Will write to you later.

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