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Olkhinskoe Plateau

the Stone Giants of Baikal

Olkhinskoe Plateau takes its name from the river Olkha. The Plateu is popular because of skalniks  – remains of boulders formed as a result of weathering rocks for hundreds of thousands of years.  There are about 15 skalniks on Olkhinsloe Plateau

Baikal Attractions

An Amazing View from Skalnik

This very easy route is a good choice if you have just few free hours. It is a great opportunity to see the local nature and admire a beauty of another attraction of lake Baikal.

Baikal Attractions

Skalnik an Old Woman (Starukha)

The route passes along the small river Olkha and takes about 2 hours to go by foot. The distance between “Orlyonok” electric train stop and  skalnik “Vityaz'” is about 8-9 km. If you wish you can continue the walk and see other skalniks. Moreover, it will not spend a lot of your time and effort, but you will see how beautiful the Nature of Lake Baikal is!

Baikal Attractions

Skalnik Mirrors (Zerkala)

Baikal Attractions

Skalnik Knight (Vityaz)

How to get to Olkhinskoe Plateau

You can get to “Orlyonok” stop by electric train going from Irkutsk Railway Station. We recommend you to buy tickets online on the Russian Railways website.

Olkhinsloe Plateau map


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