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the Biggest City on the North of Baikal

The city is situated on the north of Baikal. You can see it in the city name – Severobaikalsk means ”on the north of Baikal”. The city was an important point during the construction of BAM (Baikal-Amur Mainline, it is the name of the Railway). Tourists travelling around Baikal should note this biggest city to the north of the Lake on their maps.

Severobaikalsk attractions

There are not so many sights, but tourists can see here something that they will never find somewhere else. The Great Baikal Lake gives the city this peculiarity. What are we talking about? Thermal Springs!
But not only this is interesting the city. Archaeologists have discovered in Severobaikalsk a large number of things of ancient people. Tourists can see petroglyphic paintings, the remains of ancient animals and even the ruins of ancient settlements!


Museum of Local History

The Museum exposition tells about the history of the construction of BAM. Also in the Museum, there are some unusual exhibits like the remains of woolly rhinoceros and mammoth! Another interesting thing that tourists can see there is the real petroglyphic paintings!

The cost of the visit is 50 roubles per person for adults and 30 roubles for children. The Museum is open from 10:00 am to 18:00 except Monday and Sunday.

Thermal springs of Goudzhekit

Goudzhekit is located in a beautiful place near to the Baikal Ridge, 25 km from the city. The temperature of the water in the springs almost reaches fifty degrees! It contains a large number of different salts and minerals, including radon, flint, sodium, and it is rich in iodine.

Severobaikalsk Attractions

Goudzhekit Spring

Near the springs, there are several small but comfortable hotels. The picturesque landscape, clean air and healing springs create the atmosphere necessary for restorative rest. In summer, many hiking trails start from this place.

Severobaikalsk Attractions

Near Goudzhekit

Slyudyansky lakes

Two Slyudyansky lakes named Big and Small (Not to be confused with the city of Slyudyanka!) are located at a distance of 25 km from Severobaikalsk. A narrow strip of land separated Small Slyudyanka from Baikal. Lakes connected between each other by a narrow strait.

Severobaikalsk Attractions

Slyudyanskiy Lakes

The depth of the lakes is relatively small with Lake Baikal, so in summer they are warmed up well. The shores of the small lake are heavily swampy. However, on the banks of a large lake are wonderful beaches that attract not only tourists but locals also.

Cape Ludar

One of the most beautiful places of Northern Baikal. Cape Ludar is located near the Slyudyansky lakes. The Cape is a mountain, ledges down to Lake Baikal. At the top of this mountain are the ruins of an ancient settlement! There are several caves on the Cape, and inside tourists can see the ancient petroglyphs!

Severobaikalsk Attractions

A view from the Cape

Spring Khakusi

The attraction is located near lake Baikal. The water in the spring reaches a temperature of 47 degrees, is saturated with minerals and ions. The spring is a good place for relaxation - it is surrounded by cliffs, pine forest and recreation places.

Severobaikalsk Attractions

Tourists Houses

Severobaikalsk Attractions

Spring Khakusi in Summer

Lake Frolikha

Not many tourists come here; there is no modern service and infrastructure. However, it is an interesting place for tourists who like wildlife or enjoy the beauty of the Nature.

Severobaikalsk Attractions

On the Lake

Lake Frolikha was formed on the site of the glacier. The average depth of the lake is 80 meters.  We recommend renting a boat or kayak to experience the beauty of this place.

Frolikha Reserve

Another natural place that is interesting to visit. The reserve was created to protect animals and rare plants. Here lives wolverines, bears, musk deer, red deer, elks and other animals.

The Island Yarki

A nice place to spend time in peace and quiet. There are no restaurants, infrastructure and recreation centres. From the beginning of summer to late autumn, here come fans of wild recreation to restore energy and enjoy nature.

Severobaikalsk Attractions

A view from the Island

The most valuable thing on the island is silence and fishing. Put tents anywhere you want, creating your own camp. The water in the lake nearby warms up well. At the evenings, you can see the incredible beauty sunsets.

Tourists will be interested to visit the other places:
Cape Turaly
Cape Aya
Papakha Rock
Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God
Severobaikalsk Art Gallery
Ski Resort "Big dipper”
There are special trails to these places. Excursions can be booked in Severobaikalsk

How to get Severobaikalsk

20 km from Severobaikalsk, In Nizhneangarsk city there is an airport that receives flights from local airlines from Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk. A train from Moscow to Severobaikalsk runs every day during the summer months.

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