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Minerals, Circum-Baikal Railway and Cherskiy Peak

Slyudyanka is a small and beautiful city not far from Lake Baikal, located to the west of it. The city is famous for its large amount of multicolored marble stones. From here comes the name of the city because the word “Slyuda” in Russian language means “isinglass-stone”. No wonder that the life of Slyudyanka citizens is connected with minerals and mineralogy. The excellent climate and many interesting places to visit make this city very popular among tourists traveling to Lake Baikal.

Slyudyanka attractions

The city is small but international tourists will find there some places that they can never see somewhere else.


Museum of Minerals

It is hard to believe, but in such a small town, there is one of the largest minerals museum in Russia. Guests can see more than 8960 exhibits and all 3450 types of minerals known to modern science! This collection of minerals and gems admires not only tourists and museum visitors, but also mineralogical scientists from over the world. There is a souvenir shop at the museum where guests can buy the gem or mineral they like. The Museum of Minerals is opened every day, seven days a week from 8.00 to 20.00

Slyudyanka Attractions

Museum of Minerals Expositions

Slyudyanka Attractions

Museum of Minerals Expositions

Slyudyanka Attractions

Museum of Minerals Expositions

The museum also provides the opportunity to rent a room or a house for a short time if you are interested in exploring the lands around. Administration for a not expensive price also gives all the necessary equipment for mining of minerals and gems.

“Aikha-Shulun” or Shaman Cape

Aikha-Shulun (in Buryat language it means “Rock of Fear”) is one of the most mysterious places on Lake Baikal. In ancient times there was buried a shaman who had the great power. Since then, the cape is a sacred place. To appease spirits local people make there shamanic rituals and sacrifices. Some people tell they hear strange voices after midnight there…

As you understand, it is a perfect place for walking alone at the moonlight.

In general, it is a nice place to enjoy Baikal’s beauty and learn more about local culture and religion!

Slyudyanka Attractions

Shaman Cape

Railway Station

The Slyudyanka railway station is the only building in Russia built entirely of white and pink marble! It looks great: silvery arches, huge windows and a dark blue sign with the name of the station. There are comfortable and modern design inside as well as an interesting exhibition about the history of the station. Inside the station, guests can see photos of this place from different years and find a small souvenir shop.

Slyudyanka Attractions

Slyudyanka Railway Station

Cherskiy Peak

This mountain peak named after soviet geographer Ivan Cherskiy. A travel to this beautiful place of Baikal starts in Slyudyanka also. To learn more about trip to Peak of Cherskiy, click here.

Cherskiy peak and Cherskiy Stone are different geographical objects

Circum-Baikal Railway

Slyudyanka is a starting point of the Circum-Baikal Railway also. The Railway was built in 18th century and it has an extremely interesting peculiarity – Protecting Galleries! Circum-Baikal Railway is a separate touristic route, you can learn more about it in this topic.

Marble Quarry

Tourists and city guests can take a part in an unusually program. They can make independent routes to the Marble Quarry and try their luck in finding minerals such as garnet, zircon, lapis lazuli, apatite, amazonite and many other precious and semi-precious gems.

Slyudyanka Attractions

Pink Marble

Slyudyanka Attractions

You can mine minerals yourself!

Mineral museum staff will help each tourist with a detailed description of the routes and provide the necessary equipment for mining.

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Slyudyanka Attractions

Steam Train and Water Tower

How to get to Slyudyanka

Every hour buses and minibuses take off from Irkutsk Bus Station. A ticket price is 220 rubles. The road takes 2 hours. Tourists can reach Slyudyanka by train and electric train also. They can buy train ticket for 400-700 rubles (price depends on kind of wagon) and electric train ticket for 200 rubles. The route will take 3 hours in both variants.

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