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Siberian Village of the 17th Century

Taltsy is an open-air Museum complex, where foreign guests will see many interesting things. The Museum contains historical and ethnic architecture, as well as expositions of the life of an old Siberian village. The Museum is located 47 km from Irkutsk and 20 km from Listvyanka (between them) on the bank of the Angara River. You will need about four hours to visit the Museum.

Taltsy in Irkutsk

All houses made of wood

Taltsy in Irkutsk

The Village is Divided into Streets

Taltsy Attractions

In Taltsy, you can see four historical and cultural zones: Russian, Buryat, Evenk and Tofalar. Buryats, Evenks and Tofalars are indigenous peoples of the Baikal region. You have the opportunity to explore their life and culture by visiting the appropriate exposure.


Russian village

Russian village takes a big area. There are monuments of wooden architecture of 17-19 centuries! These are real houses of an old time, just transferred from the local villages to the open-air Museum. Tourists can visit any house and look how people lived! Just try to imagine yourself living in the 17th century! In the Museum, guests can visit festivals and exhibitions also. There are various workshops where you can not only look at folk artists, but also try to do something yourself.

Taltsy in Irkutsk

Ostrog (Fortress)

Taltsy in Irkutsk

A Temple

Buryat village

The Buryats - the indigenous population of the Baikal region. They were nomadic pastoralists. The Buryats have built temporary settlements of yurts (houses) and outbuildings for livestock. Today tourists can see this settlement in Taltsy.

Taltsy in Irkutsk

Yurt (House)

Evenk village

The Evenks - local people, they are engaged in reindeer husbandry. In Taltsy reconstructed summer camps, which included the tent of logs and barks, labaz (warehouse for food storage), as well as devices for drying fishing nets.

Taltsy in Irkutsk

Food Storage Place

Tofalar village

The Tofalar – people of this nationality live in Russia in the mountains of East Sayan (it is name of mountain ridge). They are also were nomadic: in the summer herding reindeer in the mountains, and in winter down in the valley and hunted.

Taltsy in Irkutsk

Kind of Tomb for Dead


Together with exposition visiting, tourists can go to workshops and learn more about different folk crafts: pottery, blacksmithing, folk dolls making, wood carving, making a musical instrument of birch bark and much more. In addition to the direct inspection of the exhibition, in Taltsy surprisingly many opportunities for interesting, fun and to spend time. If you are interested in crafts, take a look at the workshops on folk crafts: pottery, blacksmithing, folk doll, wood carving, making a musical instrument of birch bark and much more. You will not stay hungry either — there is an old style tavern on the territory. We believe that foreign guests will be particularly interested to try Russian cuisine dishes, like cranberries with sugar, mushrooms with sour cream, pancakes with caviar, pies with Baikal fish, Siberian tea, sbiten and other dishes.

Taltsy in Irkutsk

House of the Settlement Head

Taltsy in Irkutsk

Peasant House

Entrance fee to the Museum "Taltsy": adults — 300, kids — 50 roubles.

Working hours: 10:00-17:00, daily, seven days a week.

How to get to Taltsy

It is very easy to reach the village by public transport or your car. From Irkutsk buses often go to Listvyanka, you just need to ask the driver to stop in Taltsy. Don’t be shy, local drivers always stop in Taltsy for foreign tourists. At the beginning of your route say “Taltsy” to the driver, that is all! The fare is 100 roubles, and the journey time from Irkutsk is about 40 minutes.
You can also reach the village Taltsy by ferry

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