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Shamanism, Buryat Culture and Souvenirs

If you visiting Baikal you visiting Buryats, so it is a good chance to open your mind and learn more about Buryat people who live near Baikal for hundreds years! There is a good opportunity to do it because Ust’-Orda village is an important center of their culture, traditions and religion. Moreover, the village is located in 60 km from Irkutsk, so it is very easy to get there by route minibus. To learn more about Buryat people, please, click here, if you want to get to know what to do in Ust’-Orda, read the text below.

Ust-Orda attractions

In a small village are not so many places for visit, however, almost all of them are targeted specifically for tourists. Here we will tell you about Local Culture Museum, Museum of Crafts, Center of Shamanism and Ethnopark “Zolotaya Orda” (Golden Horde).


Museum of Local Culture

In the museum, tourists can learn about the history, culture, religion and life of the Buryats. Guests of the museum can see the works of local artisans - products made of metal, leather, wood, wool and fur. Guides will tell you about the purpose of these items in everyday life and the history of their creation. On the territory of the museum, there is an open-air complex “Buryat village of the late XIX - early XX century”, where tourists can learn more about the life of the Buryats and their daily worries.

The museum also offers special programs for tourists: “Shaman Tour” and “Geser Land”. (Geser - Son of Heaven in Buryat mythology). During these programs, visitors take a part in the performance, the main character of which is the shaman. Tourists will be able to participate in the ritual "Purification by fire" and "Blessing the traveler." These programs are accompanied by songs and playing the Buryat national instruments, as well as guests are treated to traditional Buryat food. In addition, tourists can take a part in other programs: "The traditional cuisine of the peoples of Siberia" and "Folk Games".


Local Museum

Shamanism Center

The spiritual and cultural center is intended for holding various shamanistic rites, consultations for practicing shamans, as well as for the development of cultural traditions. For tourists and people interested in shamanistic traditions and Buryat culture, there are a special museum on the first floor.

In addition, visitors can ask real shaman for help or advice, but it is better to warn the guide about your intention in advance.


Shamanic Rite


Kamlanie (rite of summoning of spirits)

Museum of Crafts

In this museum, guests can participate in different Master Classes like: “Making an Amulet Doll”, “Darkhanay Zam – the Way of Smith”, “Woodwork – Making a Dreamcatcher”, “Making a Metal Amulet” and others. These are just a small part of all items there:

Metal goods:

Baikal Souvenirs

Steel Armor

Baikal Souvenirs


Baikal Souvenirs

Amulet Fish-Totem

Goods made of soft materials:

Baikal Souvenirs

Decoraiton Nomadic Tribes

Baikal Souvenirs


Buryat Souvenirs


Wood products:

Baikal Souvenirs

Decoration of the Past

Baikal Souvenirs

Peace, Wind, Silence

Baikal Souvenirs


Souvenirs for Tourists

Honestly, we think it is the best place in Baikal to buy souvenirs! Comparing with other places where you can buy souvenirs, this is the cheapest one! Just have a look on it!

Ethnopark “Zolotaya Orda” (Golden Horde)

The very interesting place for tourists, especially for foreign guests. Here you can be acquainted with the ethno-cultural identity of the local population. There are permanent thematic exhibitions of artists, artisans, whose products can be purchased as souvenirs. Guests will be able to participate in national ceremonies, games and fun, sports, historical quests and reconstruction of the battles. In addition, ethnopark provides gastronomic, dance and applied workshops. What can tourists learn there? Here is the program:

All the places described above we recommend visiting with a guide.

National rites

Making ceremonies with the participation of ethnopark guests. Greeting guests with songs, dances, playing folk instruments.

Buryat Culture

Greetings Guests Ceremony

Buryat Customs

Buryat Tea Ceremony

National competitions

Shooting from Buryat bow, breaking bones, national wrestling.

Buryat Culture

Buryat Bow

Buryat Culture

Buryat Breaking Bones


Tasting of traditional dishes and drinks.

Buryat Cuisine

The Main Dish of Buryat Cuisine – Buuzy

Buryat Cuisine

Buryat Traditional Food

Contact Zoo

Yaks, goats, horses and sheep.

Buryat Culture

Local Animals in the Zoo

Buryat Culture

Buryat Horses in Contact Zoo 

Museum Expositions

Household items, paintings and products of artists and craftsmen.

Baikal Souvenirs

Buryat Doll

Buryat Culture

Buryat Woodwork

Master Classes

Gastronomic (cooking boozy, khushuur and other meals), applied (making crafts), artistic (painting on wood), dancing.

Buryat Culture

Buryat National Dances

Baikal People

Guests participate in a Buryat National Custom


Historical quests, reconstruction of battles, taking photo in authentic surroundings and in traditional costumes.

Buryat Culture

Photos in National Costumes


Photos during different national customs

How to reach Ust-Orda

Every day tourists can go to Ust’-Orda by minibuses taking off from the Central Market or the Bus Station. We have noted these places on the Irkutsk Map. Minibuses go each 20 minutes, the way takes about one hour and price is 160 rubles to go in one direction.

To get more useful information for travelers, we recommend you to visit

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