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Warm Lakes, Waterfalls and Tal’cinskiy Peak

A Route through the Siberian Jungles

Ihis route is good for everyone – to those who do not like to climb the mountain and prefer to have a nap on the lake, swim in the warm water or wander along the picturesque banks. But fans of mountain peaks and comparatively long trips will like this route too.

Because of the climate, this area is very rich in vegetation, thats why people call this place “Siberian Jungles”
It’s not difficult to get to Vydrino village. All you need is to to buy a ticket on a train, electric train or a bus. The starting point of the route is a bridge. Turn to the right before the bridge and keep going towards the forest.

There are a lot of beautiful places to the South from Vydrino village:
– Warm Lakes: their temperature in summer time is about 28 degrees! For Siberia it’s like a miracle
– Tal’cinskiy Peak: its hight is 1802 metres. You will need about six hours to conquer this mountain. But it’s worth it because from the top of the peak there is a perfect view in all directions
– Sobolinoe Lake: a beautiful lake that lies in the middle of the wild forests of Siberia. You must see this!
– Shapka Monomakha Mountain (Monomakh Hat): a comparatively small mountain near to the Warm Lakes
– Waterfalls: there are a few waterfalls in this area. Skazka (fairy-tale) waterfall is the biggest one
In general there are many places to visit – choose your route!

Baikal Attractions

Tal’cinskiy Peak

Baikal Attractions

“Shapka Monomakha” Mountain

Baikal Attractions

Waterfall “Grokhotun “

Baikal Attractions

A Waterfall

Baikal Attractions

A View from Tal’cinskiy Peak

Warm Lakes


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