Irkutsk Attractions

Island “Youth”


Island "Youth" And here you have enjoyed the architecture of the city and inspired by its individuality and Siberian spirit. It's time to become a real Siberian! [...]

Irkutsk Attractions

Ferry Route


Angara Ferry Route A walk on a river tram or boat on the Angara river is a great option for a family holiday! Route: from “Gagarin [...]

Irkutsk Central Market

Central Market


Central Market Central Market is an important part of Irkutsk. You can visit this place and learn more about the city residents and about how do they [...]

Irkutsk Attractions

130 Kvartal


130 Kvartal Kvartal is a great place for tourists. We especially recommend this place to foreign visitors of the city. They can see here some of the [...]

Gagarin Avenue in Irkutsk

Gagarin Avenue


Gagarin Avenue Gagarin Avenue takes its name after the famous Soviet cosmonaut, the first man in space – Yuri Gagarin. It stretched along the bank of the [...]

Irkutsk Sights

Karl Marx Street


Karl Marx Street Karl Marx Street is the main street of the city. It is safe to say that this is the longest street in the city. [...]

Irkutsk Attractions

Lenina Street


On the Lenin Street tourists can see a beautiful architecture of 18th century buildings. It is one of the oldest street in Irkutsk. An important part of Lenin Street [...]

Irkutsk Attractions

Lower Embankment


Click on the image to view more photos City guests can look at Eternal Flame – Monument to the soldiers who fought in World War II. Tourists [...]